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AbyVHTS Standard Issue White Kimono

AbyVHTS Standard Issue White Kimono

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Introducing the abyVHTS Standard Issue Kimono - a remarkable choice for Jiujitsu practitioners who seek an affordable, yet simple and clean design. This stunning kimono is ideal for everyday training and competition, allowing you to achieve your best performance.

Crafted from 425 Gsm pearl weave lightweight jacket and 10 oz cotton twill pants, this kimono provides maximum comfort while ensuring you excel at your sport.

In addition, we have recently created a new logo for this Standard Issue Kimono, which distinguishes it from other kimono lines. The thin and minimalistic design of the logo exudes a slick and professional feeling. The letter “a” in the logo represents the fundamental nature of the sport, emphasizing the importance of basic technique.

Get your abyVHTS Standard Issue Kimono now and experience the epitome of comfort and performance in your Jiujitsu journey.


425 Gsm pearl weave
EVA foam lapel
Rounded side slit
High quality embroidery
Simple and clean design

10 oz cotton twill pants
6 belt loop system

Reinforced knee pad



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