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abyVHTS Color Kimono "Ash Pink"

abyVHTS Color Kimono "Ash Pink"

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We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our product line - the abyVHTS Color Kimono line for the year 2023! This new collection will initially debut with two stunning colorways: Ash Green and Ash Pink.

The pastel-toned, earthy colors are perfect for those looking to add a trendy streetwear vibe to their wardrobe. The jacket fabric boasts the same high-quality 425 gsm pearl weave as our standard issue kimono, while the pants feature 10 oz cotton twill fabric for maximum comfort and performance.

Although colored kimonos are not permitted in IBJJF tournaments, our stylish color options are perfect for everyday training. Not only will it give you a refreshing change, but it will also boost your motivation to train and make your sessions more enjoyable.

Invest in abyVHTS Color Kimono now, and elevate your training experience with style and comfort!

425 Gsm pearl weave
EVA foam lapel
Rounded side slit
High quality embroidery
Simple and clean design

10 oz cotton twill pants
6 belt loop system
Round draw string
Reinforced knee pad


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